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The 2011 ornament celebrates the DEA Black & Gold Pipes and Drums with a polished brass, multi-level design. Packaging includes historical information: While often associated with Irish and Scottish culture, the earliest versions of the bagpipe can be traced back to the Middle East several centuries B.C. These early instruments were crude constructions of reeds stuck into a goatskin bag. It was the invading Roman Army that brought the bagpipes to the British Isles. The tradition of bagpipes being played at police and fire department funerals in the United States dates back over one hundred and fifty years when Irish and Scottish immigrated to this country, bringing many of their traditions with them. Unable to find work, Irish immigrants took up dangerous jobs no one else wanted, such as policemen. It wasn't too long before families and friends of non-Irish police and firefighters began asking for the bagpipes to be played for fallen heroes. Formed in 2002, the DEA Black & Gold Pipes and Drums helps to carry on that proud tradition by .

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